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Bio & Resume

I am a current Film Student in the MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) at American University in Washington, DC. Now completing my second year of three, I have learned so much about film production, screenwriting, and postproduction. My short screenplay The Great Divide was nominated for the 2023 Visions Awards for best graduate short fiction screenplay. This year, I was nominated for several more categories including best graduate short fiction screenplay for “Second Chances”, best documentary script for “The Culinary Lineage of a Jewish Mother”, New Media Category for mashup “Becoming a White Woman”, a short animation called “Little Child”, and video essay entitled “Women Directors and the Academy Awards.”


I also am a Winter 2021 graduate of Cornell University's College of Arts and Sciences with a Bachelors Degree in Performing and Media Arts and American Studies (Phi Beta Kappa). I have been on stage since the age of five. Performing is part of who I am: acting, directing, dancing, singing, storytelling, and connecting with audiences. I am also a ​filmmaker who crafts stories about people and places with impact. I use the camera and editing to evoke a response from the audience. 

My Performing and Media Arts Major from Cornell University has trained and prepared me for a professional career in directing and acting for the stage and screen. I honed my craft through acting, movement, literature, lighting, film, and TV courses. I was cast in two of the main stage productions during my undergraduate career. I also studied with a world-class directing Professor, David Feldshuh, to develop myself as a director in leading others through my artistic vision. 

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I am passionate about policy and politics having worked in multiple non-profits and on Capitol Hill. The American Studies Major gave me a lens with which to explore the facets of American Politics and culture. My main policy interests center on women's equality, combatting anti-semitism, climate change, and promoting voting rights and the democratic process. 

I have interned with the Jewish Democratic Council of America (Jewish Dems) in their Communications Department, the American Jewish Committee in Washington DC, and Running Start, a non-partisan non profit that trains young women to run for political office. I also worked for United States Senator Chris Van Hollen in his Capitol Hill office. 

I want to leverage performance, film, and politics to make an impact on our world. I see cinema as one of the foremost ways that I can impact people's minds and hearts. 

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